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A Message from the ECTC General Chair, Dr. Chris Bower

We are excited to bring you the 70th ECTC as a free digital experience.

Due to the global pandemic, which continues to impact all of our lives, the 70th ECTC has transformed into an online virtual conference. Thanks to the tremendous logistical support from our sponsoring organizations and from the generous financial support from our corporate sponsors, we are able to provide the virtual conference at no charge to anyone who wishes to attend. The technical program will look familiar to anyone who has attended an ECTC. The conference will include over 350 technical papers organized into 45 topical sessions, where each session will be available as an on-demand webcast for the duration of the conference, which will open on Wednesday, 3 June and close on Tuesday, 30 June. Beyond the technical sessions, the conference will include a keynote presentation from Dr. Douglas Yu of TSMC, and six special sessions with presentations by invited experts from around the world.

To learn more about the conference go to the ECTC website and join the ECTC LinkedIn group. We hope that everyone will be excited about this unique, no-cost, opportunity to receive the latest updates on the most important topics in microelectronic packaging. If you have not already done so, please register for the 70th ECTC here.

Thank you to all of the authors, speakers and ECTC volunteers. It is your hard work that makes ECTC a premier, high-quality, technical conference.

Dr. Chris Bower
70th ECTC General Chair
X Display Company

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