ESTC 2020, Vestfold (Norway), 15-18 September 2020

The Electronics System-Integration Technology Conferences (ESTC) is the premier European conference on Electronics System-Integration and Packaging, forming together with ECTC and EPTC IEEE EPS’s “flagship conferences”. A biannual event since 2006, the Executive Committee is proud to welcome to ESTC 2020 in Vestfold, bringing ESTC for the first time to Norway. Vestfold is the “Electronic Coast” of Norway, hosting the major industry cluster in the nation for high-end electronics, particularly for aerospace, medical, maritime and industrial applications. Closely collaborating with this industry cluster, Vestfold also hosts University of South-Eastern Norway (USN), organizing ESTC 2020 together with IEEE-EPS. Last but not least, Vestfold is the centre of Viking cultural heritage.

ESTC 2020 can promise a very interesting programme, with 108 oral presentations and 54 interactive poster presentations. Highlights of the programme include:

5 keynotes:

Autonomous Shipping: Lars Kristian Moen, Kongsberg Maritime, Norway

Quantum Computing with Near-Term Devices: Andreas Fuhrer, IBM Zurich, Switzerland

Agriculture 4.0: Development of Smart Sensors Systems for Sustainable Food Production: Alan O'Riordan, Tyndall National Institute, Cork, Ireland

Fan-out Wafer and Panel Level Packaging and the Changing Packaging Landscape: Tanja Braun, Group Manager Fraunhofer IZM Berlin, Germany

Using Artificial Intelligence Methods to Ensure Electronics System Reliability: Michael Pecht, Director of CALCE, University of Maryland, USA

Special session - The end of Moore's Law; the future is bright:

Post Moore's Law and Quantum  Electronics: Rao Tummala, PRC, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Can Matter Waves Save Moore?: Bodil Holst, University of Bergen, Norway

Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap (HIR) session: Organized by William Chen, ASE Group, USA

Current COVID-19 restrictions limits the possibility for conference organization with on-site participation. What travel restrictions will apply in September, is not possible to predict at the moment. The Executive Committee is therefore happy to offer digital participation for those that cannot travel to Norway. Further details of how the conference will be carried out, will be announced in June.

On behalf of the Executive Committee,

Knut E. Aasmundtveit                                 Kristin Imenes                                              Paul Svasta

University of South-Eastern Norway           University of South-Eastern Norway           CETTI, Romania

General Chair                                                        Executive Chair                                                    Technical Program