IMPACT 2023 Call For Papers

Submission deadline 21 June, 2023

IMPACT 2023 Conference, organized by IEEE-EPS-Taipei, iMAPS-Taiwan, ITRI, and TPCA, is the largest gathering of PCB and packaging professionals in Taiwan. This year's event will be held from Oct. 25th-27th at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center in conjunction with TPCA Show 2023. The symposium will focus on the theme “IMPACT on the future of HPC, AI, and Metaverse" , exploring the latest electronic technologies and fostering collaboration among enterprises and organizations.


*Scope covers from PACKAGING TO PCB; papers relevant to the below scopes are encouraged to submit but NOT limited to.


P1. Advanced Packaging Technologies

Wafer-level packaging, Panel-level packaging, Flip chip packaging, Chip scale packaging, Fan-in/fan-out technologies, Multi-chip modules, Fine pitch/high pin packaging solution, Heterogeneous integration (side-by-side integration, vertical stacking integration, chiplet, high bandwidth memory), High performance computing package, Si interposer, Organic interposer, Fanout package, Si bridge, Advanced substrate, 3DIC, Hybrid bonding, TSV, Wafer bonding, Mobile heterogeneous integration (SiP, PoP, PiP etc.), and Other new technologies for advanced microelectronics.

P2. Power Electronics Packaging

Si/GaN/SiC based power device and module (IGBT, MOSFET, HEMT, diode, IPM etc.), Power electronic module systems (inverter, converter, rectifier etc.), Fabrication and assembly, Low-temperature bonding, Sintered Ag/Au bonding, Solid-Liquid Interdiffusion (SLID) bonding, Interconnection (wire-bonding, Cu clip bonding, chip embedded PCB etc.), Encapsulant material, Advanced cooling system, Ceramic substrate technologies (DBC, IMS, DPC, AMB etc.), High-performance passive components (super capacitor, inductor etc.), and Other related technologies.

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