IEEE CPMT Symposium Japan (ICSJ)


"IEEE CPMT Symposium Japan (ICSJ)" is one of the most widely recognized international conferences sponsored by the IEEE EP Society and has been held annually in Kyoto in November.

Electronics Packaging for AI and Beyond: Over the last several decades, the continuous development of semiconductor chips has supported the growth of computing performance. Computer systems have begun to enrich our lives, and now with the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) systems, these systems will evolve to be even more intertwined with our lives. Our focus has now shifted to how we realize, oversee, and cooperate with the AI. At past ICSJ conferences, our focus had evolved alongside these emerging technologies where we had discussed and tried to predict the future state of the electronics packaging technologies which would lead to new computer applications. 

In 2019, the conference's theme will be the contribution of electronics packaging to AI and beyond.

The ICSJ 2019 Highlights


This year, we are very honored to be supported by 17 sponsors!

Some sponsor companies are also cooperating with the conference as exhibitors. 

Don’t miss the brilliant items to be exhibited at ICSJ2019 as follows:

-       Micro dispenser: Liquid precision control technology, by Musashi Engineering

-       Micro Probe Station enabling In-situ measurement, by Nextron

-       High-speed 28/56G connect solution & Submersible AOC, by Samtec

-       Aqua Plasma Cleaner for advanced packaging, by Samco

-       Solution for IC Packaging, by Fujitsu

-       i-THOP, Wireless Sensor Module, POL, and Optical substrate, by Shinko

-       Next-Generation Co-Package Solution Centera

Plenary & Invited talks

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