EP Section within IEEE Access

eps ieee access

As a valued member of the IEEE Electronics Packaging Society, I invite you to read the most recent articles and consider submitting your own work and research to the new topical Section dedicated to electronics packaging in IEEE Access – a fully open access journal.

The Electronics Packaging Section within IEEE Access is dedicated to publishing high-quality, peer-reviewed articles in the broad area of electronics packaging which covers the scientific, engineering, and production aspects of materials, components, modules, hybrids and micro-electronic systems for all electronic applications, which includes technology, selection, modeling/simulation, characterization, assembly, interconnection, packaging, handling, thermal management, reliability, testing/control of the above as applied in design and manufacturing. Examples include optoelectronics and bioelectronic systems packaging, and adaptation for operation in severe/harsh environments. Emphasis is on research, analysis, development, application and manufacturing technology that advance state-of-the-art within this scope. 

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