IEEE EPS Materials & Processes Technical Committee Goals

Chair: Bing Dang


In the past decades, the driving force for Advanced Packaging has shifted from the traditional PC and server products to 5G mobile devices, IoT devices, wearable devices, automotive electronics as well as medical devices. Great challenges and tremendous opportunities are present in the field of materials and processing. For instance, today’s new car requires as many  as 8,000 active semiconductors in up to 100 interconnected control units. Another example is the miniaturization of  consumer electronics such as smart wearables. Smaller chip package and lower cost call for novel package processes such as FO-WLP and FO-PLP. Higher quality and better performance are required for novel interconnection, dielectric, adhesive, thermal interface materials, as well as substrate materials, etc. The mission of M & P TC is to keep close track of industry trending, build a community for more collaboration, develop insightful guidance for the broad audience in EPS.

Impact routes

Establish monthly or bi-monthly committee meetings

Publish Newsletters on our website

Promote the awareness using social media such as Linkedin

Organize webinars in areas of interest