TIE 2022 Report

During the third edition of the Electronics Week, organized by IEEE Hu&Ro, EPS & NTC Joint Chapter, held in Bucharest between October 24-28, 2022, took place joint events TIE and TIE M that gathered students and teaching staff from universities as well as companies of the electronics industry from Romania. On this occasion, the first edition of TIE M was launched, edition dedicated to the CAD design of the mechanical subassembly of an electronic product. TIE M complements the well-known TIE event, which is focused on the CAD aspects of PCB design, now in its 31st edition.

Both events have the main purpose of familiarizing students from the mechanics or electronics majors with the specifics of the engineering profession involved in the design of electronic modules.

It should be emphasized that both the subject/topics given to the students participating in TIE M and those from TIE were developed by engineers involved in the electronics industry. And, the results evaluation teams were made up of both teaching staff and design engineers from the industry. In fact, the events represent a very good opportunity to be certified, by the industry, the student knowledge regarding the design of an electronics package. The presence of the teaching staff during the entire events and their direct involvement in the evaluation teams, offer them a wonderful environment to be in contact with the needed design requirements on an electronic package design engineer.

The next edition of the electronics week will take place in Craiova between October 16 and 20, 2023.

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