9th Annual IEEE Soft Error Rate (SER) Workshop

EPS/EDS/Reliability Chapter Workshop 
9th Annual IEEE Soft Error Rate (SER) Workshop 
    -- tutorials, alpha upset, materials selection, process control, case studies ... 
    -- Co-sponsored by: Electron Devices and Reliability Society Chapters 
    -- Tues, Nov 7, no cost, worldwide via WebEx (also at Xilinx, San Jose - includes lunch)

This full-day Workshop addresses alpha-induced soft errors in computers, routers, memory, etc, and offers simultaneous on-site and remote participation for presentations and interactive discussions on a variety of critical subjects on SER for an ever-increasing international audience. For this year's event, we have invited two industry experts in the field to offer tutorials on fundamentals of soft errors and their impact on applications, as well as experimental approaches.  Log in for the full Workshop, or only the presentations that are useful to you.

(all times are USA Pacific Time)
  8:30 AM: Introduction 
Two morning tutorials: 
  8:45 AM: Tutorial: "Single Event Effects" (Austin Lesea, Xilinx)
  9:25 AM: Tutorial: "Probability and Statistics for Experimenters" (Gary Swift, Swift Engineering)
Talk Titles: 
  10:00 AM: "Study of the Alpha Counts from Solder Bump Material at Elevated Temperature and Introduction of Advanced-Grade Material" (Hirotaka Hirano, Mitsubishi Materials) 
  10:45 AM: “Assessment of Alpha Particle Susceptibility of Product Chips Through Accelerated Tests” (Paul Muller, IBM)
  11:25 AM: "Opportunities at the Stanford Underground Research Facility" (Jaret Heise, Stanford Underground Research Facility) 
  12:00 noon: Lunch (provided) 
  1:00 PM: "Practical Aspects of Realtime Testing" (Jeff Barton and Eric Crabill, Xilinx)
  1:45 PM: "New High Energy Neutron Spallation Beam, ChipIr at Appleton-Reutherford Lab at Oxford" (Francis Classe, Cypress) 
  2:25 PM: "On the Efficacy of Using Proton Beams For Estimating Neutron-Induced Soft Error Rates" (Norbert Seifert, Intel) 
  3:15 PM: Closing and Dismissal 
Registration is now open, and there is no cost -- sign up for either on-site participation, or attending via WebEx