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Nils Nissen, Sustainability and Green Electronics Technical Committee Chair

In the past months, many large tech companies have announced new or revised goals for reaching CO2 neutrality. Increasingly, these activities filter up through the supply chain and now reach electronic packaging as well. The technical committee Sustainability and Green Electronics is aiming to gather experiences from within the electronics packaging community and to provide guidance to those, for whom this is a new topic. 

Goal setting examples 

Most prominently, Apple announced in July of 2020 to achieve climate neutrality in 2030 in-cluding the whole supply chain and the whole life cycle of Apple products. Other companies such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon or Bosch have existing or new commitments – some al-ready claiming carbon neutrality before 2020, some aiming at the end of 2020. So – is the Apple announcement ahead of the competition or behind?

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