EDAPS 2020 Call for Papers

The  IEEE  Electrical  Design  of  Advanced  Packaging  and  Systems  (EDAPS)  Symposium  is  the  premier  international  conference  in  Asia‐Pacific  region  to  share  the  recent  progress  of  design,  modeling,  simulation  and  measurement  related to the electrical issues arising at the chip, package and system levels. Covering the paper presentations, industry  exhibitions,  workshops  and  tutorials,  the  EDAPS  2020  will  be  held  virtually  from  December  14  to  16,  2020.  The  technical program of the symposium not only addresses the current technical issues but also brings out the topics on  IC design, SiP/SoP packaging, EMI/EMC, EDA tools and most importantly the challenge issues in advanced 3D‐IC and  TSV design. For further information, please visit the website at to edaps.org.

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