EDAPS 2022 Mini-Workshop

IEEE EDAPS (Electrical Design of Advanced Packaging and Systems) is pleased to announce its 1st International Mini-Workshop on Emerging Trends in Semiconductor Integrated Circuit (IC) Packaging.

The IEEE Electrical Design of Advanced Packaging and Systems (EDAPS) symposium has consistently served as a platform for disseminating the latest research on chip, package, and system electrical design. Designers and researchers worldwide share and discuss their work on all aspects of electrical IC packaging, including modeling, design and simulation, fabrication, and characterization. We are excited to host this workshop in IEEE Region 8. This workshop will consist of four invited keynote presentations covering multiple aspects of IC Packaging from experts in academia and industry and invited presentations from EPS Student Chapters/Chapters in Region 8. Your attendance at this event is highly encouraged as it is a forerunner to the highly anticipated EDAPS 2023 Workshop!

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