Changes to IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology

TCPMT has established itself as a high quality journal reflecting the technical depth and diversity of work happening in Micro-electronics packaging. As Heterogeneous Integration continues to drive the evolution of semi-conductor devices and a systems focus takes hold in this evolution, it is imperative that we continue to grow as a reliable steward and a source of well-rounded information. To ensure this we are making the following changes:

TCPMT has moved to the preprint option. With preprinting, the author-submitted final version will be posted to Xplore within 1-2 days of receiving final source files.

TCPMT will add a Letters Section to the existing journal. Letters will be a maximum of 4 pages in length, printed in smaller font and will focus on providing a quick turn publication option that allows for current work to be available to the community. Details of the implementation will be published in the coming weeks.

Our current average turnaround for a paper is 73 days. We have received the commitment of the AEs to reduce this  average down to 45 days from receipt of the paper to final decision.

A new report has been created for Associate Editors and Guest Editors to get the lastest list of reviewers with keywords for areas of expertise.

If you are interested in becoming a reviewer, please contact the EPS Executive Office –