Student Chapter Continuation Program

Student chapters are important as they provide a platform for our Society to engage our potential members early while they are still in University. To facilitate the continuation of our student chapters, EPS will provide free IEEE and EPS memberships for up to 6 student executive committee (exco) members per chapter per year for our existing student chapters. This will provide the number of student members required for the continuation of all our existing student chapters.

An important factor in the continuation of student chapters is a proactive student chapter faculty Advisor. Hence, EPS will provide a similar subsidy of IEEE and EPS memberships to our existing Student Chapter Advisors, provided they ensure that their student chapters remain viable. This includes the organization of technical activities and annual elections, and the timely submission of required reports every year. An evaluation on the performance of subsidized student exco members and Advisors will be conducted and subsidies awarded in January each year. Non-performing students and Advisors will not be subsidized for another year. While Advisors may be subsidized every year based on performance, student exco members can only be subsidized a maximum of two times. This is to encourage a healthy succession of student leaders.

For more information, please contact the EPS Student Program Director, Andrew Tay