Call for Participation: Potential IEEE Reusable Packaging Standards/Guidelines

The IEEE SA is considering forming a Pre-standards Reusable Electronics Packaging Activity under the 
IEEE SA Industry Connections Program to explore development of standards and guidelines for reusable electronics packaging.  The IEEE SA Industry Connections Program provides a neutral environment where individuals, entities, partners, and competitors can come together and work on shared problems. Pre-standards Activities explore whether sufficient interest and resources exist to develop a standard and if so draft a proposal for an IEEE standards project. The Pre-standards Activity will address the following:   

·Potential market acceptance of the standards project, including technical feasibility

·Relationship to related standards, if known, including its distinct identity from other projects

·Viable leadership and participation

·Realistic scope and objectives

If you would like to participate in this project, or want to learn more about it, please contact Joan Woolery at