Webinar: Power Electronics Packaging, Reliability, and Thermal Management


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Power Electronics Packaging, Reliability, and Thermal Management


Date/Time: 24 July 2014  8 a.m. PST, 11 a.m. EST (US)/ 4 p.m. GMT (Europe)/ 12 a.m. (Hong Kong)

Duration: One hour

Presenters: F. Patrick McCluskey (CALCE, University of Maryland, USA)

Abstract:  Power electronics are becoming ubiquitous in engineered systems as they replace traditional ways to control the generation, distribution, and use of energy. They are used in products as diverse as home appliances, cell phone towers, aircraft, wind turbines, radar systems, and smart grids. This widespread incorporation has resulted in significant improvements in efficiency over previous technologies, but it also has made it essential that the reliability of power electronics be characterized and enhanced. Recently, increased power levels, made possible by new compound semiconductor materials, combined with increased packaging density have led to higher heat densities in power electronic systems, especially inside the switching module, making thermal management more critical to performance and reliability of power electronics.

Following a review of heat transfer principles and thermal management techniques, along with physics-of-failure approaches to assess and ensure reliability, this short course will present the latest developments in the packaging, assembly, and thermal management of power electronic modules and systems, along with modeling and testing techniques. This course will emphasize thermal packaging techniques capable of addressing performance limits and reliability concerns associated with increased power levels and power density in power electronic components.