Global CHIPS Acts Resources

Opportunities for Participation in and Funding from National Packaging Development Efforts:

NAPMP:  National Advanced Packaging Manufacturing Program:  $2.5B funding from Chips Act with industry and academia carrying out shared research.  NIST is parent organization. 

-          Share of $11B of Chips Act $52B

NGMM (Next Generation MicroElectronics Manufacturing) Development “Commons”.  Parent organization is DARPA.

The Microelectronics CommonsDoD initiative using Chips Act funding for a national network to create direct pathways to commercialization for US microelectronic researchers and designs for “lab to fab”.

National Semiconductor Technology Center (NSTC);  charter is to develop a strong semiconductor research and development ecosystem

IEEE Global Semiconductors Adhoc. Goals: To inform community regarding Chips Act initiatives; Engage IEEE members (focus on Workforce Development); Support involvement of industry in STEM professions

ASIC (American Semiconductor Innovation Coalition). 

STEAMPIPE (Strategic Transition of MicroElectronics to Accelerate Modernization by Prototyping and Innovation in the Packaging EcoSystem)  

SHIP (State of the Art Heterogeneous Integration and Packaging Initiative)

RAMP (Rapid Assured MicroElectronics Prototyping).  DoD is parent organization

European Chips Act

Indian Semiconductor Mission