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EPS publications advance theory and practice within the key technology areas of components, packaging and manufacturing technology.  Whether through the peer-reviewed papers in the IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology, as well as other technically-related IEEE Transactions available to EPS Members, or through high-quality papers in the many conference proceedings sponsored through EPS -- readers have access to the information they need to stay current and excel in today's fast-moving technical world. All of this material is avaiable to EPS members through the new Digital Library.


All EPS members receive on-line access to the IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology as part of their membership -- not additional cost.  Print copies are available for an additional fee.

Letters: The IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology now includes a Letters section within the publication. Papers will be a maximum of 4 pages and relate to the research and application on modeling, design, building blocks, technical infrastructure, and analysis underpinning electronic, photonic and MEMS packaging, in addition to new developments in passive components, electrical contacts and connectors, thermal management, and device reliability; as well as the manufacture of electronics parts and assemblies, with broad coverage of design, factory modeling, assembly methods, quality, product robustness, and design-for-environment.  The intent of the Letters section is to enable the rapid dissemination of the latest information in topics of interest to the readership of the IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology and thus improve dialog across the community. 

The technical content of papers must be both new and significant. 

Manuscript Length: The standard length for an accepted Letters manuscript must not exceed 4 pages. The 4th page is reserved exclusively for references in order to accommodate a comprehensive reference list of pre-published and to-be-published articles with full authors’ names, title, and DOI (where available). 

When submitting your Letters into the IEEE Author Portal, select "Letters" as paper type.

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 The following Transactions are also available to EPS members at discounted member rates:


Please note: The IEEE/OSA Journal of Display Technology has ceased publication as of it's October-December 2016 issue. The archival content continues to be accessible to readers on the IEEE Xplore platform


The EPS Newsletter contains information on various Society activities, including conference announcements and post conference reports; and news on publications, awards and chapter activities.  The Newsletter is sent to all EPS Members monthly via e-mail and twice a year in digital format.


Conference Proceedings

EPS Members can access papers from Conference Proceedings in the IEEE Xplore® digital library. The full portfolio of proceedings from EPS sponsored conferences is available to all EPS members at no additional cost, through the new EPS Member Digital Library