EPS Program Director, Award Programs: Patrick McCluskey 


2024 Nomination Period Is Now Closed 

Nomination Form 

The EPS Awards Program recognizes contributions to the profession, industry and the Society through a comprehensive set of awards and recognitions.

Rao R. Tummala Electronics Packaging award

The highest award honoring technical achievement in EPS fields of interest  is the Rao Tummala Electronics Packaging Award  -- an IEEE Technical Field Award, sponsored by the EPS and administered by the IEEE Awards Board.


EPS Major Awards


Guidelines for Nominators

·        An individual may submit only one endorsement per award but may submit endorsement for more than one award.

·        It is the responsibility of the nominator to ensure quality documentation to assist the Awards Committee in evaluating the candidate.

·        Outstanding Sustained Technical Contribution Award is designed for the “practitioner”, while the Electronics Manufacturing Technology Award intended for “Corporate Leadership”.

·        Complimentary material, such as CV, list of publications and/or patents can be submitted with the nomination.

·        Self-nominations will not be considered.  

Additional Awards

Additional Society Awards recognize excellence in publications, Chapters and educational activities:

·       Transactions Best Paper Award, administered by the Editorial Board


Other Professional Recognitions

Recognition of achievement is also found in IEEE Membership Grade.   Advancing your member grade can bring added peer recognition to your accomplishments. 

·       Elevation to Senior Member

·       Election to Fellow Grade