EPS Program Director, Chapter Programs: Kitty Pearsall

Region 1-7 & 9 Programs: Annette Teng

Region 8 Programs: Toni Mattila

Region 10 Programs: Yasumitsu Orii

EPS Chapters

EPS Chapters are geographic units of the EPS.  They may cover small geographic areas such as a city or larger geographic areas such as a country. 

Chapters bring technical meetings and opportunities for professional networking to members, where they work and live, through a variety of events, including evening technical talks, facility tours, workshops,seminars, and even conferences.

EPS has over 30 Chapters located in the US, Europe and Asia/Pacific. View Chapter locations and contacts.

If you are a EPS member and reside within the geographic boundaries of an existing Chapter -- you are automatically a member of that Chapter.


EPS Program Director, Student Programs:  Andrew Tay

EPS Student Branch Chapters

EPS Students Branch Chapters are technical sub-units of the EPS located within a university. They offer excellent opportunities for Students to network with other students, faculty, and professionals at technical meetings and social events.  Serving as a Chapter Officer provides valuable opportunities to hone leadership, management and organizational skills through running the Chapter and organizing meetings and events.

EPS Student Branches: 

San Jose State University (Computer and Electronics Packaging Joint Student Chapter) 
University of California-Los Angeles (Electronics Packaging and Electron Devices Joint Student Chapter)
Singapore University of Technology & Design
Universidade Estadual Paulista - Guaratingueta 
Tsinghua University 
Universidade Federal do ABC 

Politehnica Univ Of Bucharest (Electronics Packaging and Nanotechnology Council Joint Student Chapter)

Michigan State University

Florida International University

State University of NY at Binghamton

Technical University of Cluj Napoca

University of Florida 

Georgia Institute of Technology

Fudan University 

University of Waterloo

Wuhan University