Road to Chiplets: Heterogeneous Integration Testability

MEPTEC will be hosting the next Road to Chiplets free virtual event focused on the best-known methods (BKM) of Heterogeneous Integration Testability on March 15 and 16 from 8 to 11 am Pacific. Register today to not miss as properly implementing testability features in the design and having a robust test strategy is essential to make Chiplets commercially viable.

Topics to be covered include: Overview of HI Testability, Chip to Chip Test Interfaces, Test Economics, Protocol Based Testing, Die Probing Strategies, OSAT Challenges, and more. Presenters include experts who contributed to IEEE Electronic Packaging Society (EPS) Test Technology Council’s (TTC) recently released “Heterogeneous Integrated Product Testability Best-Known Methods (BKM)” and other industry experts.

Please see the full agenda and register now to attend for free.

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