University of Waterloo and Joint EPS/EMC Montreal Chapter Webinar

Title: Trends and Challenges for Electrical Design and Analysis Using Advanced Packaging 

Presenter: Dr. Kemal Aygun

Date: March 17, 2021 11:00 AM EDT

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Abstract: As the electronics industry is going through some rapid changes, the new electronics systems need to provide increasingly higher performance. As a result, the capability of the components that constitute these systems needs to also scale accordingly. One area where the pace of innovation has greatly increased in recent years is semiconductor packaging. Paving the way for heterogeneous integration, these new ‘advanced’ packaging technologies aim to integrate multiple logic, memory, and other specialized silicon dies, potentially using different silicon process technologies, and provide unprecedented levels of performance in metrics such as IO bandwidth, bandwidth density, and power efficiency. This presentation will review some of these new advanced packaging technologies such as fan-out wafer/panel level and 2.xD packaging and the key challenges and some solutions for their electrical design and analysis.