Webinar: To Chiplet or Not To Chiplet: Heterogeneous Integration and Chiplets

    -- HI, large die sizes, cost of miniaturization, splitting the die, when chiplets make sense ...

Speaker: Mudasir Ahmad, Advanced Technology Development, Google

Date: Thursday, March 24, 2022

Time: 12:00 Noon (PST)

Cost: none

Location: on the Internet (via WebEx)

Info and Reservations: https://r6.ieee.org/scv-eps/?p=2860

Summary:  In this talk, we present an open economic model that anyone can utilize to determine if/when chiplets make sense and when they do not. While most large corporations have sophisticated wafer yield and cost models, having an open-source model that captures KGD, chiplet assembly steps, advanced packaging and overall yield can help speed up the decision-making process on chiplet integration. Such an open-source economic model can also help accelerate innovative technology investments and even open up newer business models to explore the costs of developing chiplets while delivering step function value. By attending this talk, you will achieve an understanding of what key factors need to be accounted for in deciding on chiplets and how the uncertainty of those factors can influence your design and business model options. You will be empowered with an open-source model that you can use to make your own decisions and tradeoffs so you can be better prepared for the consequences of those tradeoffs and achieve your business objectives faster.

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