IEEE EPS Seminar at ECTC 2020

ECTC 2020 IEEE EPS Seminar: May 28, 2020


  Yasumitsu Orii, NAGASE & CO., LTD.

  Shigenori Aoki, LINTEC Corporation

 “Future Semiconductor Packages for AI hardware”

An overwhelming amount of data is generated daily, out which 90% is unstructured. Such data cannot be easily stored in a traditional column-row database, therefore, it is not easily searchable and more difficult to analyze. Today, artificial intelligence (AI) has the ability to analyze unstructured data, however, it also require a high amount of energy. AI is expected to become one of the biggest energy consumers on the planet. A brain-inspired devices and quantum devices are very attractive to support a future AI due to its low power consumption. In this session, the panelists will discuss the future semiconductor packages in the era of a brain-inspired devices and quantum devices.

Rama Divakaruni, IBM T. J. Watson Research-Albany, “Future of Innovation - IBM AI Hardware Center”

Hiroyuki Akinaga, The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), “Brain-inspired ReRAM Devices for AI-edge Computing”

Subramanian S. Iyer, UCLA, “Why all this hype about Heterogeneous Integration ?”

Takashi Hisada, IBM Research-Tokyo, “Heterogeneous Integration for IBM AI Hardware”

Madhavan Swaminathan, Georgia Institute of Technology,  ”Intelligent Digital and RF Convergence for AI”