Become a Reviewer for the IEEE Transaction on Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology (T-CPMT)

T-CPMT provides the latest information in electronics packaging.  Contribute to the research in the electronics packaging field by becoming an IEEE peer reviewer. Peer reviewers fulfill a vital role in the publishing process by giving detailed and professional commentary.

If you are interested in becoming a reviewer, please update (or create) your account on the  T-CPMT ScholarOne submission site   (

It is especially important to indicate your areas of expertise with several keywords.  These keywords will be accessed by Associate Editors searching for reviewers in the database, based on the keywords of the submissions received. Feel free to also send an email to alert us of your availability to review, and we will pass on your account information to the Associate Editors in charge of new manuscript submissions that match your area.

We recognize that quality reviews are extremely important and take significant effort on behalf of the peer reviewing volunteer community. The average review time for a T-CPMT paper is less than 7 days.  Although all reviewers remain anonymous during the review process, all reviewers are named and acknowledged annually in the December issue.

EPS Executive Office: Denise Manning

EPS VP Publications: Ravi Mahajan

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