Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap (HIR) Event Resounding Success


The 3rd Annual Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap (HIR) meeting, Symposium and Workshop, held on February 20-21, 2020 at SEMI world headquarters, Milpitas, CA was a resounding success. The two day event, co-organized by IEEE EPS, EPS Santa Clara Valley Chapter and SEMI, was held to celebrate the release of the HIR 2019 edition released on October 10th and to kick-off the preparation of the HIR 2020 edition. The HIR Symposium on February 20th featured presentations from all 22 Technical Working Groups (TWG).  They were complemented by two plenary speakers. Dr. Predeep Dubey from Intel Parallel Computing Lab spoke on “Virtuous Cycle of AI” and Dr. Hong Liu from Google Infrastructure spoke on “The Role of Optics on Computing”. The HIR Global Advisory Council members, Ajit Manocha gave the opening remarks in the morning, and Nicky Lu did the wrap-up in the afternoon. The TWG collaboration workshop agenda on February 21st  started with a “Chiplet on the Rise Forum” with two speakers: Bapi Vinnakota from ODSA and  David Kehlet from Intel. This was followed by TWG collaboration sessions for the HIR 2020 edition preparation. The total attendance of more than 180, included representatives from all 22 TWG teams as well as participation from a broad cross-section from the electronics industry, academia, government and research institutes, demonstrating the increasingly high interest and crucial relevancy in the Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap. The two day event was sponsored by Google, Cisco, Intel, Promex, ASE Group, Samsung, Silitronics, together with SEMI & IEEE EPS.  

Download the Roadmap here

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