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Title: Powering Heterogeneous Integration: An overview of the Integrated Power Electronics Chapter of the HIR Roadmap

Date: November 20, 2020

Time: 11:00 AM ET

Presenter: Prof. Patrick McCluskey  

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Heterogeneous integration (HI) is not possible without a source of power for the multiple devices and components involved.  While it is possible to supply this power externally to one or more devices, it is typically advantageous to integrate the conversion and distribution of this power into the HI system. This makes power delivery one of the most critical elements in an HI system and one clearly requiring its own section of the roadmap. 

HI provides significant advantages for power electronics as it permits wide bandgap power devices, which surpass silicon in power handling capability, efficiency, and operating temperature, to be integrated with silicon control, logic, and memory devices and with lower operating temperature passive devices.  Nevertheless, HI of power electronics comes with a raft of challenges for SiP designers, as the power electronics require space, generate heat, and can cause electrical noise in the circuits.

This roadmap for Power Electronics for Heterogeneous Integration addresses the timeline for the development of the power conversion and distribution techniques needed to supply clean, efficient power at a variety of voltages to the wide range of devices in an HI system without significantly increasing system size. The 2019 version of the roadmap focuses on the first of these categories – reducing power converter size.  This requires the development of wide bandgap semiconductor devices which can convert higher levels of power more efficiently, combined with packaging technologies (i.e., interconnection and thermal management) and passive devices that can reduce the size and increase the power density of the converter circuits.  Developing smaller converters is important because utilizing distributed conversion where each component is near to its power supply is critical to minimize interconnection losses and signal noise.


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