TC - Reliability

ChairPrzemyslaw Jakub Gromala, Robert Bosch GmbH

Website: Reliability TC Website

FocusThe following are the major missions and visions of the reliability TC.

Identify the current reliability challenges, Advanced packaging technologies, Advanced materials/interconnects, Advanced packaging assembly processes, Package board and advanced Si BEOL/FEOL interactions, Develop the reliability roadmap on emerging technologies/devices/materials in 5 and 10 years, IC Component and System – with the HIR (Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap) Task Groups, Si – with IRDS TWGs, SiC/GaN/GaAs/InP –  with Wide Bandgap Roadmap; 

Activities: ECTC/IRPS/EPTC/ESTC/ICEPT/ASME Interpack/EurosimE/Itherm

Committee Meetings:  The reliability TC meets every quarter on Webex and a face to face meeting every year at ECTC conference